Wholesale with Karma Farma 1000

KarmaFarma1000 offers a wholesale opportunity for you to sell our products in your shop whie offering you low prices on great products. Please contact us here using the form and tell us how we can help you and the preferred method of contact. Don't forget to give us your phone number. You can also email us at sales@karmafarma1000.com. We take your information very seriously just as if it were our own. We will never sell your information.

Interested In A Wholesale Account?

Contact Us about setting up an account

Why You Should Sell Karma Farma 1000 Products

  • We Care

    We care about the success of local businesses as well as the health and well being of your customers.

  • Passionate, Knowledgeable Staff

    Staff education about the endocannabinoid system (ECS), how CBD is the main catalyst in the proper functioning of the ECS, as well as the importance of the terpenes in assisting CBD.

  • We Advertise Your Business

    You can be listed on our store locator page so Karma Farma customers can find you. We do not sell online, and are not competing with you. We aim to support local businesses and work to send business your way.

  • Demo Days

    Demo days at your store interacting with your customers and explaining the benefits of broad spectrum hemp oil and how to properly use it for maximum benefit.

  • Unbeatable Pricing and Nice Profit Margins

    Unbeatable pricing on 1000mg full strength hemp oil and skin balms.

  • Largest Processor in The USA

    Our products are sourced from the largest most transparent producer/processor in the USA, Folium Biosciences

  • Solvent Free, Non-GMO, Organic

    THC free products that are also free of pesticides, heavy metals and solvents. Non GMO. Organically grown hemp with superior genetics.

  • Environmentally Safe & Earth Conscience

    Products made from environmentally safe CO² (or food grade ethanol) extraction methods. Our products are packaged in recyclable & reusable packaging.

  • Stabilized, Consistent, Quality products

    Our hemp oil products are sourced from genetically stabilized hemp strains. Verifiable analysis sheets on products. Legally sourced Section 7606 industrial hemp.