CBD and Working Out

A list of benefits for exercise and CBD

Here are some of the reported benefits of using CBD before and after training

  • Increases lung capacity
  • Improves optimism and confidence
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Heightens anaerobic metabolism
  • Increases endurance
  • Better focus and mental clarity
  • Has an analgesic effect
  • Increases reflexes and response time, mentally and physically
  • Facilitates the release of large amounts of Anandamide (the main cannabinoid that the body produces), which is now known to be responsible for the runners high or the rush that one feels when working out. The prefix "Ananda" is taken from the Sanskrit word meaning bliss. This name was given to this molecule due to the blissful, euphoric feeling one gets when ingesting cannabis high in THC. According to the latest research, Endorphins, which were once thought to produce the runners high, cannot cross the blood brain barrier, therefore disproving that theory. Research also shows that the body produces enormous amounts of Anandamide when experiencing an orgasm. Speaking of bliss!
  • Protects neurons and increases brain cells. It is being shown to increase brain volume.
  • Stimulates bone formation & suppresses bone degradation
  • Used topically, it relieves pain & promotes rapid healing. Our skin cells are said to have up to 5 times more receptors than throughout our bodies
  • Protects the brain from head injuries with its powerful anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective properties. If taken within 5 hours of a stroke or head injury, it is shown to lessen the severity of the damage that results from what is called re-flow (when the body relaxes and inflammation is brought on suddenly causing worse damage than the initial stroke or TBI).
  • Last but not least, I cannot stress enough to incorporate a good quality Omega 3 fatty acid in your diet when using CBD rich hemp oil. Omega 3's act as a carrier molecule for CBD, getting it the parts of your body that need it most. Some doctors are claiming that CBD made not work effectively in Omega 3 deficient bodies. Besides that, Omega 3's are essential to good health, as they insulate and protect your cells. Get'em in ya.

You have to "Fix the cell to get well", so "Take Control of your Chemistry" and get the balance you desire & deserve.

Good health and karma to all

This article was posted on 2018.09.22