Cannabidiol (CBD) Dosing

Cannabidiol (CBD) dosing : When starting a dosing regimen with CBD rich hemp oil, it is best to first advise your doctor of your intentions. They may lower the doses of other medications that you may currently be on. They may also want to monitor blood levels depending on your condition and medications you may be taking. Taking CBD isolate in high doses has been shown to cause drug interactions with the blood thinning drug Warfin, as well as some Epilepsy medications. Full spectrum CBD rich hemp oil in low doses is considered safe and drug interactions are reported to be rare. Most side effects felt when taking hemp oil with multiple medications are typically from the prescription meds because CBD competes for the same receptor sites as 60% of prescription meds and CBD has the ability to either restrict or amplify the effects of other substances. We will cover drug interactions in another blog soon. Remember to look for full spectrum hemp oil.

The general rule when starting a hemp oil regimen, remember that "less is more". Chronic pain and serious conditions may require larger doses in the range of 10-15 mg per dose 3 times a day. Many people have reported that doses in the range of 5-10 mg 2-3 times a day taken religiously, especially at the beginning of your regimen gives relief form a multitude of conditions. 10-15% of people who try CBD rich hemp oil, report no noticeable effects. The other 85-90% will typically notice an effect from CBD rich hemp oil when their therapeutic dose is achieved. Dialing in the initial desired dose is considered the hardest part about hemp therapy. That being said, stick with your regimen when starting a hemp oil regimen and adjust your dosage in the beginning until you feel an effect. For example, if you take 5 mg and don't feel anything, take 5 more mgs. Once you figure out the number of mgs that gives you relief, try to keep consistent with the times you take it thoughout the day. Research shows that taking a quality Omega 3 supplement increases the effectiveness of and is crucial for proper utilization of cannabidiol within the body. A wide array of naturally occuring terpenes is also important because they help facilitate the binding of CBD to the CB receptors. They also mediate how much or how little cannabidiol crosses the blood brain barrier.

Unlike opiate based medicines which tend to require an increase in the amount needed as time goes on to achieve pain relief, the amount of phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil taken can typically be reduced after 30-90 days once the endocannabinoid system reaches a more balanced state. The endocannabinoid system controls every system in our body as well as the opiate receptors and works in conjunction with that system to utilize the opiates more efficiently thereby reducing the amount of opiates needed and reducing the side effects associated with opiate based medicine. Studies suggest that a reduction of 75% of opiates used is common when used in conjunction with CBD rich hemp oil. Some people may be able to stop using opiate based medicine all together. Once you have achieved relief, you can try lowering your doses of hemp oil to a maintenance level suited to you.

CBD has what is called a biphasic effect meaning that under low doses, it has an uplifting effect due to the production of more seratonin as an effect of administering cannabidiol. This is the reason that the effects of anxiety and depression are typically reduced. Larger doses of cannabidiol tend to have a sedative effect which is useful at night if you are restless or if you have chronic pain and have a hard time sleeping. Personally, I take 20-30 mg an hour before bed and sleep sounder & breathe better, I think it's helping my sleep apnea and I wake up refreshed and ready to go.

I hope this blog has helped answer questions you may have about starting a hemp oil regimen. I am not making any medical claims and dosing guidelines very greatly from person to person depending on body chemistry imbalance, medical conditions, and possibly other factors such as weight. There is no set dose for each person. I recommend starting with high quality, full strength, 1000mg full spectrum hemp oil drops, that way you can dial in the amount of mgs needed to give relief. It also makes it easy to increase dosage in small increments.

This article was posted on 2018.01.08